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Our firm has extended experience, and as you know, this is a cornerstone in such sphere like ours.


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Our highly experienced and multilingual staff with full knowledge of Eastern and Western European Freight are in direct contact with drivers during entire freight movement. All vehicles are fitted with mobile phones, GPS satellite tracking system. This gives us the ability to provide instant information about the current position of your cargo, keep you informed and immediately react to all your further requirements. Our large selection of European haulers enables us to quote competitive up to date prices.


Trade references can be supplied on request.


Stanchion trailers

Native speaking experienced drivers with knowledge of customs clearance and border procedures in the country of destination.

Immediate advice about delivery. Proof of delivery faxed to you within 24 hours of delivery.

If required, up to the minute progress report available 7 days a week.


We Provide: 

Full / Part / Express / Abnormal/ Hazardous Loads to and from Eastern Europe

Drivers accompanied trailers and vans. All vehicles are fitted with mobile phones, GPS satellite tracking system

Adr equipped trailers and trained drivers

Express vans

13.6m tilt trailers,

Eurolines with sliding roof trailers,

Box trailers,

Step frames,

Road Trains,

Temperature Controlled vehicles,

Flat bed trailers,

Coil carriers

Direct Trailers